Sunday, December 5, 2010

Everything and anything for you.

I breathe because of you.
I dance because of you.
I eat because of you.
I dress because of you.
I put on make up because of you.
I make time because of you.
I try and be perfect because of you.
I smile because of you.
I laugh because of you.
I lie to my parents because of you.
I cry because because of you.
I run because of you.
I lose sleep because of you.
I have changed because of you.

I love you not because of you.
But because of what we have been through.
How long we have been together.
How you complete me.
And how i cant live without you.


  1. I'm in love with every picture you put on your blog <3. Oh the one's with like the sun in the background really get me haha. There all so beautiful, you do a great job.

    And love the quotes too. You work really hard on this. So cute, following you:)!

  2. aawh thankyou hun you just made my day!