Sunday, December 5, 2010

I wonder...

I wonder what it would be like to be in love, to want to live only because of one person.

To fight every single day with your family just to be with that person.
To break all the rules, to be grounded everything taken off you and still see them even though you have nothing left.
To drop all your plans at the drop of a hat just to see that person.

To lose that person then try and make his life hell, just to make him feel what he put you through.
To go through everyday depressed and lonely wishing you had him back with you.
To pretend your fine without that person and not take him back just to show him how much stronger you are, when really you would be dying inside.
To drink alcohol because thats your only option of forgetting your problems and sorrows.
To date other guys and not have any feelings for them at all because your heart still belongs with that person.
To promise yourself to never be back with that person because you went through so much.

To be with that person again and those girls he used to be with and have to pretend your ok.
To have that one guy back in your life again and feel so complete and happier than ever.
To cry yourself to sleep knowing how much it hurt when you didnt have them.

To have to lie 24-7 just for that person when at any moment their parents could find out but your willing to risk it.
To love them with everything you have, more than you can explain.

To have everything going so well until you start fighting again and having the same problems you did in the first place and feel yourself getting pushed away.
To feel right back at square one all over again after everything you went through with them.

To still be willing to fight for them, smile for them and love them just for who they are no matter what you are going through.

Do you ever wonder how that would feel?
Cos i do.

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