Monday, December 27, 2010

Its time for a new year.

Heres to 2010.
It was shit.
We made mistakes.
People we once knew turned into people we have to forget.
We cried.
We failed at things
We complained because we didnt get what we wanted.
Had broken hearts.
We searched for love and happiness and didnt succeed.
We got too drunk only because we wanted to be happy.

Heres to 2011.
It will be shit but we will turn it into something great.
We will cry only because we have found someone so perfect we wont let go of.
We will fail but only by learning where we went wrong.
Complaining will stop once we think of how lucky we actually are with what we have.
We will lose people but will make amazing friends along the way.
We may not find love immediately but once we are truely happy we wont have anything to search for.
We will be drunk but only because lifes a party and we are living in it.

So drink up.
Smile and laugh.
And remember lifes a rollercoaster and all you can do is sit there and enjoy the ride.

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