Sunday, December 5, 2010

Girls are much more than what they seem.

They're more than just the makeup, the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the sunglasses, the outside.
They're more than just whiny bitches.
We're so much more.
Too bad some boys can't understand.
A girl's life is a bitch itself.
On a daily basis we deal with bitches, backstabbers, lies, boyfriends, crushes, exes, appearance, insecurity, bullying and so much more.
Everyday we wake up, we have to shower, fix our hair.
Then, we have to get dressed.
We spend hours infront of our mirror for you making sure we look good.
Then we have to apply make up.
While doing all this, there's so much to consider.
Especially gossipers and guys.
If something's too short, they'll call us a whore.
If something's too long, they'll call us ugly.

We go through buckets full of ice cream because we've had way too many broken hearts.
We cry because bitches wanna hate and boyfriends wanna bitch.
We can't complain because we don't wanna be annoying.
We trust people, then they end up stabbing us in the back.
We learn stuff the hard way.

Every guy out there making a period joke, like are you for real? No, just because you're being a little bitch and pissing me off doesn't mean I’m on my period.
Get over it.
We get hurt multiple times, and keep running back to the same people.
We love hard, and hurt hard.
We care too much.
We’re never understood.
We go through so much trouble when you don't even notice.
We listen to songs till five in the morning and fall asleep to it just because it reminds us of you.

We try so hard to impress you, while dealing with all that's said about us.
After everything, we sit our asses down on tumblr and reblog everything that reminds us of you. We spill our guts out to our best friends who've probably had enough of you.
We go on facebook and we check your profile a million times, and go through all your pictures, even if we have seen them all before.

We hear what people say about us, and sometimes we break inside.
But no matter what, even after everything, we have to come out strong.
We have to put a big smile on our faces and pretend like everything's ok.
We have to act nice towards the haters, even knowing everything that they said about us.

We love even though we know we shouldn't.
And we wait for something that'll never happen.

But no matter what, we manage to act like everything's fine, even though everything's falling apart.. but sometimes we just cant do that and its time to let go.  

That’s a day in a girl's life.
Imagine dealing with all that everyday.
We’re so much more than what you think, so much more than what we seem.

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