Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love you so god damn much.

It sucks when im alone, all i think about is what happened between us.
If only you knew how it felt to be around those people all the time who you used to have feelings for, and you can just brush it off your shoulder and think im ok.
When in reality my eyes are burning - wanting tears to flow out.
Its heart breaking to see those girls look at us sadly as we are happy, because i know exactly how they feel.
To be replaced.
To feel worthless.
Down to the point where you feel like your not good enough for anybody and you have no purpose on earth.

Why pretend that your ok? 
Pretending is fake, its not you its not anyone - its nothing.
To pretend shows your not strong, your weak with the problem you have and you need something or someone to take it away from you.
Why everybody does it?
 Because its how we get through life everyday, its what we do.
I wish it wasnt.

Im in love with you.
Your in love with me.
Your in my head, in my heart, in my body, in my soul.

Love has ups and downs, your either really happy or really sad.
Your either having a great night, or your staring at that other girl realising he had her once too.
Driving out to have an amazing time, or driving home sad because you miss them.
Laughing at pathetic drama stories people have to go through, or having worse issues you cant forget.
Crying with laughter and happiness, or crying with sadness till you cant breathe, stand, think or heal yourself.

But all of these are just little things that i can get over quite easily, because all this heartbreak has made me so much stronger than before...

Im pretending.

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