Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You take me higher than i have ever been before, please dont let me fall.

We have been fighting alot lately because things arent easy, i wish i was aloud to see you but i cant.
That moment the other day when we were driving home, i knew you werent feeling happy, you just went quiet and i could tell you were hurting, i could see it in your eyes, i thought you were going to leave me.

When you told me you couldnt handle it any more i ran out of my room straight for the shower. I couldnt breathe and i couldnt believe it. I colapsed with emotion i just wanted to scream, it hurts so much because nobody was there to tell me it was going to be ok, you werent there.
I was hoping to god you would realise that you made a mistake, and you did and im so glad you decided that you want to fight for me.

I hope you know that i fight for you every single day, i wish i could have you over whenever i wanted but i cant. You may think that i dont even care im not aloud to be with you, but trust me it makes me crumble inside each time im reminded of it. It makes everything so much harder than what it already is and its not fair on either of us.

I know i love you and i know you love me, but im so unbelievably scared that you will give up on me. Everything happens for a reason, everything has already happened to us so what now? I cant lose you not again, i cant physically and emotionally go through that again. If i could get on my hands and knees and beg to you pathetically i would, but if you would ever want to leave me and i have no chance in fighting then i would have to let you go.

Fate brought us together.
Fate is tearing us apart.
Im going to fight through whatever fate is.
Im going to fight for you.

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