Sunday, October 17, 2010

Take a look at what you have. Think of everything you did to get it. Now remember it only takes one second to lose.

I dont know if you know what it feels like to not be good enough for someone, to look in the mirror and think about how much better you would be to that person if your lips eyes or nose changed, to hang with mates and wonder if you had their personality maybe you would want me. I have been screwed over so many times. Ive explained to you how much it hurts to know that i was never good enough, so i decided wait until we were both ready. You sat there and looked into my eyes and had my hands in yours and you told me that you were willing to wait aslong as it took me to build confidence in knowing that you wouldnt hurt me. Now my feelings for you are much stronger and i want you to be mine, but the only thing is that you dont want me like i want you. You tell me your not ready for a girlfriend, but wasnt it you that said you were ready for me whenever? what have i done to make you change your mind? You told me you just want to have a thing. If you realise how hard that is for me to hear you would understand what i feel right now. You like me but not enough. I dont know what to do because it seems like im trying to much. People are saying dont worry about it just play hard to get and wait for him to text you first, wait for him to ask what your doing on the weekend, wait for him to make the effort but really its getting hard. I dont play games with people, i am who i am and if you dont like me for that then why are you bothered? I just want to know if you are the one waking up with a smile on your face, if you are the one telling all your friends about your amazing weekend with me, if you are the one losing sleep at night just because of me and i want to know if you are the one afraid that im going to leave you and move on.

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