Saturday, October 16, 2010


You treat me so well and you make me so happy all the time. I dont want to let you go, i dont want you to put your shoes on and leave like all the others have done because your so special to me. When we are together our days and nights go so fast and before i know it im missing you. I wish i could be with you all the time cos i cant get enough of you. The only thing that worries me is that i know you are better than me and you are a real ladies man, you just have that charm that every girl wants and it makes me really jealous. But i know you looked into my eyes and told me if you stopped having feelings with me you would tell me so i am going to have to make my heart and my head sync and listen to that. You are everything a girl wants in their man, which is perfection :) Ive fallen for you really fast and i promised myself i wouldnt because i didnt want to get hurt but it feels like you are the right one to fall for. I hope that we will be together officially soon because im tired of waiting allready!

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