Saturday, October 23, 2010

I miss you

I have had such an amazing weekend! especially last night it was so much fun. I havent seen you in about four months, ive missed you so god damn much and when i saw you my heart started racing just like it used to. When you left you took that peice of my heart with you and just being with you and waking up next to you just made me the happiest ive been in so long. We are meant to be just mates but we acted as if we were together again. I thought we could make this work and atleast try be friends but you cant. You cant do it for my sake, you think im over you because im happy? im happy because i have you. All your really doing is thinking of yourself and not at all on how much this is effecting me. I wish i didnt have to stare at this stupid screen in tears while looking at our pictures and thinking back on the memories. I really thought you werent going to give up on me again but once again i didnt think to how much this would hurt.

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