Saturday, October 30, 2010

Theres nothing in this world..

Fuck all the drama its just a constant annoyance, everyone just wants to be happy so sort out your shit and get on with life. I was with him for 14 months of my life, you girls were with him for a few weeks, which one do you think hes going to choose? Grow up and realise im not the one to be hating, its yourself. If you do have a problem with me could you atleast come up to my face instead of yelling nasty things across a whole paddock, pretty pathetic to be honest. We will both always love each other thats just the way it is. We wont ever be able to be separated if we are boyfriend and girlfriend, mates or bestfriends we will always need each others company. If any of you are mad at me for that then fuck you. He is the only boy on this planet that can make me feel happy, beautiful, special and angelic all at the same time. To you hes a heartbreaking jerk but to me hes my first love and always will be.

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