Monday, October 11, 2010

Losing you was like having the worst nightmare after having the best dream

Jess & Nick

The party..

Melissas 18th was so epic :) i met you!! you made my night we danced, sang, kissed and fell to the ground. When i met you i liked everything about you, your gorgeous, happy, amazing personality, generous, honest and kind. I wanted you to be mine and to keep you. The way you were so laid back and chilled i just felt so comfortable with you. We had unbeleiveable times together just looking down on the city, cuddling, going to the beach, watching movies, kissing, going out with your mates, and even just waking up in your arms looking into your gorgeous eyes. I thought you we were amazing together but once again i was wrong, you didnt have as strong feelings as i did for you and that hurt because to me you were so perfect i didnt know where i went wrong. Maybe we will be better off as friends but i just know that i cant get enough of what a beautiful person you are, and i am greatful that i got to have you for an amazing 3 months.

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