Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drama hurts.

The fireworks were incredible, just standing with my girls looking up i was having such a nice time. Then to make the night better we went to our mates party, just singing at the top of our lungs, dancing and stumbling  everywhere created so much laughter and was so much fun.

But why is it that there is always somehting to ruin your night?

As soon as you rung me telling me some other guy had stirred shit i was at breaking point, i hate this guy hes the biggest liar on earth, it made me feel awful because i knew you would believe it because it was you against the world.

I just wish you saw how i reacted, as soon as you spoke his name it meant trouble. I cried my eyes out, ran
through my mates party and punched the life out of that boxing bag.

I could not lose you, especially not like this.

I love you so much, i spent all night fighting for your love making sure you werent going to leave. I hate how people stir drama when it isnt true, because no matter what you do you have to make them erase it from their mind when everybody allready knows and believes it.

Unfortunately it all comes down to trust, and if there isnt any trust there isnt any love.

Im glad you didnt take what he said into consideration, and im so thankful you realised and used that trust you have in me. I would be nowhere without you and i cant let you go, especially when its somebody elses fault.

No matter what i am going to fight for our love.
Thats just the way it is.
Thats just the way it will always be.

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