Sunday, November 14, 2010

Its happening again.
I promised my heart.
I promised my mind.
I promised my family.
I even promised  my body that this would not happen again, especially with the same boy.
Well it has.
It may be wrong but it feels so right. 

You make me want to not give a fuck about anybody else just you. I always drop anything to see you and im happy doing that. No matter how many times ive been with you i cant wait till i can see that gorgeous smile each time i have to go.

What happened to us is now in the past and it feels as if it never happened.
Nobody understands what we have between each other they just think that we like each other, and thats it. What a big underestimate because what im feeling right now i know people write novels about, swim the ocean for, search the world for, see movies about, and dream they could feel.

I see you and i want to leap into your arms.
I could sit there with you for hours in silence just staring at you and have the best time of my life.
You grab my hand and i dont want you to untwine your fingers. 
When you say those 3 words i say them back, not because you said it first but because i never want you to forget.
When im laying next to you kissing at you while you run your hands over my body i just dont want you to stop.
Just seeing you for 5 minutes makes my whole day even week.
You are my world.

You smile i smile back while admiring yours.
You laugh i contiinue to laugh and realise how happy you make me.
You hold my hand i hold yours and dont want to let go.
You squeeze me tight i squeeze back shut my eyes and dont want to let go.
You drop your plans for me i already make plans with you when you dont know.
You kiss me i continue to kiss you and feel every feeling in my body.
You miss me i miss you while your on my mind every second of the day.
You call me to say goodnight i call back just to hear you say you love me one more time.
You have an amazing dream about me and i dream of you every night.
You say im all you live for when i live for you and would die for you, aslong as i got to be with you for those last moments and hear you say "Jess i love you too" just that one last time.

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