Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boy dont you know you cant escape me, darlin' cos you will always be my baby.

My Boyfriend...

Its official. We are together again and its so perfect.

I love you and i dont care what anybody else thinks! If they were true mates they would want me to be happy and all theyre doing is trying to ruin my happiness.

But fuck the haters cos im in love. Always have been with you.

I love callin you my boyfriend now, and who thought that after 14 months of us being together then 5 months of a rocky break up we would be back together? well to be honest, i hoped we would always be back like we used to be. Now we are i couldnt be any happier.

They say there's plenty more fish in the sea? well they are wrong because to find the perfect guy instantly and all the rest to be horrible, theyre aint no more fish! 
Hes my only fish. and i dont want him to ever swim away :)

Braden Riordean Cargill
Im in love with you.


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