Monday, November 1, 2010

You'll never know dear how much i love you. So please dont take my sunshine away.

Weekend with you getting rowdy as, you looked after me all night and we had a great night just cruising around town with your mates.
Once we were back at your you looked after me all night.
I laid there in your arms so close to your heart, we held each other so tight and just kept kissing each other, it felt like we were together again so i just shut my eyes and just fell straight asleep.
We snuggled till the sun rose, and had an unbelievable time together.
Do you know what woke me up? When you gently whispered "Jess i love you."
My heart melted.
I fell back asleep.
Do you know what woke me up again? When you gently whispered "Jess your beautiful."
When i sat up and looked in the mirror my hair was everywhere make up all down my face,i looked awful, i laughed and you just smiled at me.
Words will never explain my love for you.
Everyone may say we wont work out together but we are in love, we may not be officially together again but what we have right now - i never want to end.

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