Monday, November 29, 2010

Just another weekend with the love of my life.

I had the best weekend with you. We spent all day together and all night. We were drinking and partying, i was showing you off and i was so proud to be your girlfriend again.

I know you thought i was drunk and emotional, but seeing that girl you used to be with just slammed my heart into the earth.
I hate her guts i wanted to smack her face in but i didnt, she backed away from me and didnt want any trouble. You know what, i appreciate that, i hate her with everything i have but i decided not to be angry, i didnt want to ruin your night so i just talked to her and told her how i felt.
I did the mature thing and that made me feel good, even though i cried in your arms for ages afterwards.

The only thing that hurt is that she is everything im not and that sucks. Shes pretty, thin, tall, nice, and her parents let you stay the night. Everytime i see her i just get the worst feeling and i wish you knew how it felt. I had to get over her because now you are back in my life for good, i will see her around more often.

I woke up in the morning hungover as hell to see my baby staring into my eyes smiling at me. I love waking up in your arms it feels perfect. And to make that even better you cooked me the biggest nicest breakfast! Not many boys go to all that effort but you do. You make me feel like a queen and you always spoil me. I love everything about you. You have no idea. Even the little things like running your fingers through my hair and just staring at me. Even though i dont know what your thinking it still makes me feel on top of the world, just holding the gaze of my love.

All day and night with you.
Just staring at you when your driving.
Listening to you talking.
Laughing cause you make me happy.
Holding your hand.
Getting drunk with you.
Getting forehead kisses.
Eating with you.
Kissing you.
Talking with you. 
Falling into your warm body.
Showering with you.
Laughing at our memories.
Having you spoil me.
Waking up in your arms.
Playing with your hair.
Massaging your back.
Telling you i love you. Hearing you say it back.

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