Monday, November 1, 2010

Laura Maria McGonigal - I love you.

You are so beautiful inside and out.
Your a sister to me.
You make me laugh and smile when i feel like i have no hapiness left in me.
Your never scared to be yourself, you dont care what others think about you.
I love how you accept everyone.
You meet me at the top of my driveway to catch the bus nearly everyday without fail just so you dont have to stand by yourself. Theres not a day that i havent seen you smile.
You never complain about anything yet you let me blab on and on about my stupid boyfriend issues.
We have the best times when we are together.
Most bestfriends fight but us? we just laugh!
Your sense of humor is great you always put sunshine into my day.
You are the most loyal
stunning person i have ever met and i never want to lose you as a friend.
I love you my LuBear :)

You are gorgeous.

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