Monday, November 8, 2010

I will never stop loving you.

Those words you said, those things you did, that pain you made me feel, i hated you for. You not only broke my heart, but you ripped it out of my chest and plunged it back into my stomach.
I hated the way you broke my heart, i hated everything about you. Everytime i heard your name i would shudder at the thought of ever thinking i was in love with you. Everytime i would look back on our photos together i would get a gut sick feeling and just feel lower than ever. I promised myself i would never ever take you back, i hated who you were.
But when i thought about it i realised i was just saying and thinking those things because i wanted you back so bad, i am so in love with you that i made myself think i hated you when i didnt.
I jumped to other guys to see if i could get over you, to see if they had any aspect that you never had but i was wrong.
I still remember the day when you said "Jess you will never find another guy that loves and cares for you as much as i do." 
I will never forget that, you were so right.

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